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Backgrounds and Landscapes for 2nd Prototype

During this 2nd game project.  It was my job to provide conceptual backgrounds for our game.  There are two initial backgrounds that were the 1st backgrounds to help my team get an idea of how to set-up or what we could potentially use for our road which would provide a surface that creates friction as well as using inertia as a potential mechanic that become variables in relation to the vehicle that would be used.  However, things were becoming a little too complex for the time frame that was given to us.  So we kept the terrain flat and went with a 2.5 perspective in design.

After creating the first background, Michelle used photoshop to touch up the image, applying a more dynamic appearance.  This became our method of production.  Now everything should be ready to quickly develop 20 stages each with their own unique challenges that the car must overcome.

The layout of our levels/stages are first divided up into 5 locations

  • Plains
  • Cityscape
  • Desert
  • Jungle/Amazon
  • The Arctic

Each of these locations act as “zones.”  Each zone will have 4 stages or levels.

  • Day
  • Night
  • Overcast
  • Sunset

With this layout, And all 5 landscapes created.  We are ready to quickly produce the 20 intended stages.



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