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Spooky Chimes: 3rd prototype project

The latest project I have had the pleasure to be apart of, is to create a prototype video game for Siena Entertainment’s Story Chimes as they attempt to move from interactive story and sing along books to actual games.  The IP that we worked with is based off of an idea that is still in production.  The Name of which is Spooky Chimes: The Great Trick or Treat Adventure.

We are all very proud of what we were able to accomplish in the 4 week time frame that was allotted.  This project has definitely been the most challenging.  I am in the process of learning Autodesk’s Maya, a 3D rendering program used for modeling and animation.  This program (I believe it is safe to say) is not user friendly.  With that said, my main contributions to the project was some basic concept art assets I made using Adobe Flash.  I also was able to develop two of the characters that will makes up The Spooky Crew.  The game mechanic should be described as you checkout my .png’s:

Tombstone A
  •  One of the Tombstones that got modeled and rendered. The player needs to dig into the graves to find an essential quest item.
Tombstone B
  •  This particular tombstone and one other were the main tombstones that got modeled and placed in our demo.
Tombstone C
  •  This was the other Tombstone concept that was created for the prototype.
The Witch’s Home.
  •  Initially intended for The Witch to stand outside of this particular structure.  The NPC will be stirring a boiling concoction, waiting for the children to seek her help.
Decor art asset.
  •  This concept was intended to be one of the alternative items that gets dug up from the graveyard digging quest.
Concept Spooky House
  •  This isn’t the same Spooky House that the Spooky Crew lives at.  This picture was used in our power point presentation when we initially pitched our idea.  The pitch included our intentions of what kind of game we would make and how we would go about making the prototype.
Quest Destination.
  • This gate is the end goal for the Spooky Crew.  The quest involves acquiring two parts of a key that is broken.  Once the 2 parts of the key are found and put back together.  The kids would then be able to unlock this gate and move onward toward a new area and can go trick or treating.
Center piece of the town.
  •   Here is a concept of a gargoyle being the center statue fountain of a water well.  In front of the well, we initially intended for an NPC that acts as the second quest giver.
Fence Decor Asset
  •  Concept metal fence that could be used to surround structures in the area we have currently designed.
Cauldron for the Witch.
  • The Witch is an NPC that plays the part of a quest giver for the Spooky Crew.  Within this cauldron brews a magic potion that will bind the two keys together.
Invisible Boy.
  •  This character will be one of the characters the player will be able to control and use amongst the other characters that makes up The Spooky Crew.  The player will have the option at anytime during the game to touch a character and that character immediately becomes the leader while the rest automatically follows.
  •  This is Frank and another character I produced as a member of The Spooky Crew.

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