Online Demo Reel


This is a 2-D segment I drew and created for a Documentary recently published at the University of Utah.  The programs I used were Adobe Photoshop and After-Effects.

The Wrong Rabbit Hole was a project for a 2-D animation class at the University of Utah.  This assignment was intended for us to develop our knowledge of Adobe After Effects.  All the images were still photos I took and prepped using Photoshop.  I was able to utilize stop-motion photography in this clip.

This was my first film assignment.  At the time I was playing a lot of World of Warcraft.

The Sword Fighter prototype in-game play.  I Designed and modeled the entire environment.  I also designed the Title page, Credits page and the other splash pages.   Also, I helped with the  UI design for Last March of the       Dodos and some of the 3-D objects that are used.

Urban Space Squirrels is the first published video game I have been apart of.  Except with some help for most of the squirrel animation sequences, all the animation you see in-game was my contribution.  It is now currently being sold in the X-box Live Indy Marketplace for $1.  All of the animations were done using sprite pages I created in Adobe Flash.


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